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May 27, 2009:
Parker and pops share a fine family tradition of working the thumb.

Parker Jane back at work this morning.  She's made a wonderful recovery.

She has a pretty sweet home office set up complete with flat panel.

Parker really works the keyboard.  She will amuse herself like this for hours.  Always supervised since the keyboard has that cord attached and the keys may break under her pounding.

Great new video!!!

Her office includes monkey nap mat too.  If only daddy had it so good.

May 22, 2009: 
Parker Jane continues to recover today in the Oakland Children's Hospital.  She is very tired but also very affectionate.  She is very low energy today but her personality is coming through and she knows that every time she opens her eyes she will see either me or Stacey.  I sent mommy out for a little walk and when she came back she caught me napping with our baby nose to nose.

You are the strongest person I know and you are my greatest teacher.  The caption works either way!

My little boo sleeping away while I stand guard.

Parker Jane's first shot of pain medication.  She's all woozy wooziers but at least she doesn't feel any pain.  Her friends are all nearby.

I forgot I had this picture from when Parker had her blood drawn in the days leading up to her surgery.  Poor Parker didn't like it very much.

Here's another lost gem I found on my phone camera.

May 18, 2009:
Parker's caretaker Miriam suggested we try a green onion for Parker's teething discomfort.  Who knew, it works like a charm.  See for yourself!

Parker Jane noshes a green onion.

I guess she likes it?

Tastes like...I don't know?

This is good times.

May 15, 2009:
Wow, I walked in the door and this is what I found.  Parker Jane enjoying a comic book.  Spider-Man of course is her favorite right now. 

It's so crazy to watch her, she has been watching me and she tries to copy my actions when I read my funny books.  These are the moments that choke me up.

May 10, 2009:
Parker Jane and dad investigate the baby bouncer at Suzanne's Mother's Day baby blow out and Boston Cream Pie party!

Today's video from the bouncer.

May 9, 2009: Happy Mother's Day!

Parker and dad pose for a picture for Uncle Jason.

May 7, 2009:
New pictures and video below.

May 4, 2009:
It was a Daddy time morning today.  I got to dress my sweetie and play while Stacey did the laundry.  She is getting bigger and happier everyday.

Happy baby time.

Caught off guard look.

Parker runs the numbers on her calculator.

May 2, 2009:
Today was the Great Strides walk.  It was a little soggy but the entire family pitched in with Clarkston Consulting to support CF and have a little fun under the bridge.  Please make a small contribution to our team by clicking here.

Parker Jane and her Dad arrive early so Mom tries a new camera effect.

Parker Jane waves as she tries to rally before the start of the walk.

Parker Jane crashes but still represents by sporting the colors of the day.

Mommy joins in and the rest of the Clarkston crew pose for pics.

Next up it was a trip to Isotope Comics Lounge for Free Comic Book Day fun.
April 30, 2009:
Two crazy new videos that are sure to totally blow your mind!

April 29, 2009:
Lunch at the SF Elks with the family.

Parker Jane and Stacey, look at those pretty ladies.

Parker Jane works the sudoku puzzle in the paper, I can't even do those things.

April 28, 2009:
Daddy spent some time playing with different photo effects.

and finally my favorite...

This is America's next top baby model.  This next sequence was shot one after the other.  I did not delete a single snap.  Now how many babies can be this cute and take five perfect pictures in a row?  She has figured out the camera for sure.

Give me an eager hello...

Give me a welcoming gesture...

Give me relaxed poise...

Give me a listening look...

Give me I'm all done for today....That's it for the Daddy page today.

April 27, 2009:
Parker Jane Laughs!

April 26, 2009:
My baby won't crawl.  Instead Parker Jane has perfected the back crawl.  She now moves around the floor by pushing herself with her feet while on her back.

Parker does the reverse crawl on her NY Knicks blanket.

April 21, 2009:

Parker is back in the kitchen, quality is job one in this house.

Pretty girl in a pretty dress.

March 31, 2009:
My little Rock Star!

March 25, 2009:

My girls both face front now.  So many firsts these days.

Everybody looks real happy too, I must doing a good daddy job to see these smiles.

March 21, 2009:
Prop me up before you Go Go.

Parker Jane likes to kneel on the side of her playpen while holding onto the side. 

It won't be long before she escapes.

Naptime in daddy's stick arms. 

Daddy may be wiry but he is sure WARMMMMM.

March 16, 2009:
A couple of pics...

Parker Jane tries out her new chair.  She holds her high like a big girl!

Parker rides shotgun on the desk while dad works.

March 13, 2009:

March 9, 2009:
The Family Band

March 7, 2009:

March 3, 2009:

March 1, 2009:
Roots Rock Reggae for the Baby
Parker Jane has enjoyed Reggae music from before she was born.  Stacey and I played ton of Marley during the pregnancy and even now nothing calms her the way Reggae does.  This morning Parker Jane and I spent some time learning about Bob.

Ready to learn pops!  I'm sporting my Marley shirt and hippie hat with the flaps down.

Sooo much Marley so little time.

Big girls can turn the pages, yes she has figured that out.  Can't read yet but she understands the concept of right to left for the story.  I guess she has been watching Mommy turn the pages of her trashy gossip magazines and copied it.

Hijacked Again!
First Clay Aiken jacks our name for his son:

Then I find this vinyl lettering boutique? with the Parker Jane moniker, ugh!

Now Coach has just launched their Parker collection.

So I now I was forced to do a Google search and find out how UN-unique Parker Jane's name is.
Well it wasn't as bad as I thought.  Not too too many Parker Jane's and many of them are doctors, lawyers, and dentists.  Guess it's a solid name after all.  Now of course there is only one Parker Jane Wheatley and that is more than good enough for me.

OK now for something super fun...
Daddy and Parker Jane share a moment of Zen.

Daddy and Parker Jane goof around in the morning.  Be patient this video loads slow.

Parker Jane and Dad, best buds forever!!!!!!!!!!

February 21, 2009:
Parker Jane visits Isotope Comics in San Francisco.  Now that she knows the origins of her name she is trying to keep current.

Ahhh the new issue of Spider-Man Family is finally here!

This stroller works as a reader for comic books, how coolio is that?

Parker Jane tries to solve the Spidey mystery.

Parker Jane models her favorite shirt to wear when she's out with dad.

Ok enough already.  I'm tired and ready to go home now.

More about Isotope Comics Lounge
Isotope Comics

February 20, 2009:
New Parker Jane video!  Parker get vocal after her baby class.

February 18, 2009:
Parker learns the origins of her name.  A very tenderoni moment between father and daughter.

Hey Parker Jane, do you have a minute for your old man?

Can you switch off The Real Babies of Orange County so we can talk?  Here look at these.

Comic books?  What's all this for daddy?

Really?  You really mean to tell that I am named after comic book characters?  I don't know what that means but I reserve the right to hate it later in life or until I know more.  Which ever comes first.

I guess I better get up to speed with Spider-Man and his family if I am going to carry this whacked out name.
Parker Jane = Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane (Peter Parker's true love)

February 17, 2009:
Man vs. Wild SF Style

Sleep Deprivation Training

February 15, 2009:  Welcome to my Daddy Page here at ...
wait for  Now that I have the title of daddy I have been forced to consider a whole new range of topics.  Things that a guy without kids would never consider.  Today I pondered the idea of tagging little Parker with a GPS device.  Sounds crazy but people do it for their beloved pets so why not my uber-beloved Parker Jane?  Calm down I'm not proposing an implant or anything sci-fi but why not something?  A Google search yielded many results so at least I wasn't the first one to think of this but it also confirmed my notion that there might be something to this idea.  I dug in and here I present to you some of my favorites.

num8 is the world’s first GPS locator device that has been specifically designed with children in mind. It will tell you exactly where your child is, whenever you feel you need to know - at home or even abroad.
The BrickHouse Locator can be used anywhere. Use it in your home, office, the mall, the park, sporting events, camping, amusement parks, etc. It's small, discrete Homing Tags and it's compact handheld design can detect Tags as far as 600 feet away and can direct you to within 1 inch of your lost child or pet. Both the Tags and the Handheld come standard with Duracell batteries that you can count on. With The BrickHouse Locator you will never fear of losing track of your children, family members, or pets again.
The combination of the Global Positioning System Technology and Satellite Imaging (mapping) Technology, as offered by True Tracker Pro, gives the public an amazing tool to help protect their children and other loved ones.

This company is promising quite a bit but for now that's all it is.  Still it does indicate that there is demand and interest in meeting the demand for these types of products and the service that accompanies them.  I suspect the real money will be in the monthly tracking service.

That should be enough to consider while I still have time.  Parker is not yet mobile but the world is and so is my worry.  I don't stay up at night yet but I spend a lot of time thinking about how I am going to keep my little Parker Jane safe once she ventures out into the world.

Daddy Out!

File this under pictures to forget.  Daddy was young and didn't use any hair products.

Daddy circa 1984.