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July 17, 2010

Mommy's first surgery.

Parker ponders the popsicle.
Parker Jane learns to clean up after herself.  Grandma has got to love this.

You knew this one was coming :)

Walk and smell the flowers!

Big girl walks in her new pink Vans. 

Gotta stop and smell the roses.

Smells so sweet.

What else can I find?

New camera Phone Fun.  Mommy got a swanky new Palm Pre for Mother's Day and boy oh boy is the camera awesome!

The many faces of Parker Jane.

Laundry time silliness.

Checking the bookshelf.

Wanna play house?
May 8, 2010:  Faces for Mommy.

Parker Jane after the Jimmy Buffett concert.

Ice cream faces.

Finger licking goodness.

Hey let a girl have a little face time.

Seriously how many pictures of this?

I am not going to ask again!

Ha!  How's this for a picture?

Mar 1, 2010
Tumble Bugs Gymnastics

Oh yes, leg warmers are a must.

Look at this form.

Obstacle course.

Jumping bar.

Trampoline, oh yeah :)

January 31, 2009: Parker Jane Portraits #3


January 2, 2009
Now that our girl is walking she is already trying to shop.

Parker Jane is everywhere all the time.

Parker Jane's new couch.  She now has a place to sit.

I found this in Parker Jane's stroller.

Daddy has questions...many questions.

Parker Jane gets ready for the holidays.

She finds a red bow.

Karmeny and Parker Jane are best buds.

Uhm...I think the lights go on the tree.

Parker Jane uses her stroller to practice her walking.

November 10, 2009:  Fresh Mommy stuff.  Pics include some Halloween fun and kitchen drawer learning.

A teaching moment?

Parker Jane and Stacey farm it up for Halloween.  Here chick chick...

Parker Jane watches Yo Gabba Gabba on her iPod.  Volume restriction is on so she can't accidently turn up the volume too loud.

Kitchen drawers are a wealth of color and stuff for a baby to learn and discover.

Today's videos from the kitchen.

October 24, 2009 Update: Murphy's Law

Erin and her brood stopped in to visit Parker Jane and Stacey while Sean was travelling last week.
Parker Jane get to know herself more and more each day.

Parker Jane plays with her cousins Sean and Ryan

It's a first cousin face to face.

October 12, 2009:

Parker Jane and mom hold hands as we walk on the Santa Cruz pier.

Very tender time.

The girls ham it up for the camera, best buddies.

Sweet smile Stacey :)

Parker Jane and Mom on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

We stumbled across a car show and we really liked these old Police cars.

Step out of the stroller and place your ba ba where I can see it.

Parker says hello to the sea lions under the pier.

Gumball fun in the Fun House.

Parker is trying to figure out how to get inside the bubble.

Another new flavor, churro.

Parker Jane contemplates in the shade of the churro stand.

Another gumball machine, they are all over this town.

Mommy found the dippin dots!

Parker Jane gets ready to drive us home.

See you on the road people!
October 5, 2009:

What an awesome picture of my girls.  Daddy is a luck man!

Parker road tests her Halloween costume.  Watch out we have a chick down1

Sand castle competition this weekend at Ocean Beach.

Many different groups came to build and compete.

Parker Jane wrapped up to keep her warm on this blustery day at the beach.

September 6, 2009:

Parker Jane loves to sit at the table now.

Veggie shopping is always fun since Parker Jane get to sample.

Mommy finds some funny crazy squashes.

I get to test the beans.

Mommy these are fresh and crisp I tell ya!

Swing time after shopping.

Finally a bottle for the ride home.

August 29, 2009:
Super happy baby stuff.

Pretty in pink.

This is another keeper.

She's a smile machine working out with mommy.

Parker Jane helps mommy with her crunches.

Parker likes to fly high with mommy.

August 15, 2009:

Leggo my Eggo!

Parker Jane and her oversized stuffed hippo Buella.

August 1, 2009:

Parker Jane and mommy show off their smiles.

Face front Parker Jane!

Parker Jane runs into Pilar and Riley at the Aloha Festival.

Presido fun with my girls.

So much fun now that I face front.
July 18, 2009:

Waiting room antics before my second round of baby shots.

The waiting is the hardest part.

Uh oh it's time to go in.

Playing with Carol on Barney the couch.

Another mirror shot just for fun.

July 8, 2009:

Pictures from the 4th of July weekend.

Reflections of Parker Jane.

Parker Jane and Eric.

Thoa gives out the zerberts.

Now it's mommy's turn to deal kisses.

Hamming it up with Thoa, Heather, and Eric.

Yummy lettuce.


No caption required.

July 2, 2009:
Forget the feet!

Parker Jane can't stand her feet being covered.  She now can work herself free from her jammies.

Parker proudly displays her Houdini skills this morning.

Feets don't fail her now.

June 21, 2009:

Parker Jane hamming it up for the camera.

Her smile is so contagious.

Parker Jane looking all Parker Jane.

Parker and Stacey pose me for me on Father's Day.

June 13, 2009:
Parker Jane is now eating cereal and fruit and her favorite of curse is the Nilla.

She is very protective of her cookies, she's afraid a bear might try to take them.

So hopefully the bear can read and will leave Parker Jane's cookies alone.

June 2, 2009:
Welcome to tubbby time, we had to go back to the careful bathes until the stitches are removed.

I returned to my baby classes this week.  Here are some pictures of the other mommies and their babies.  We hang out and play (or sleep) while the mommies chat and sometimes they even sing us songs.

That's it for today.  I'm sure tomorrow will bring for more fun for this baby.

May 29, 2009:

Stacey and her dad today at the Hotel Utah.

Parker Jane and her Grandpa get reacquainted.

Parker Jane spends time with Stacey's Dad back at homebase.

Parker shows Grandpa her tough look.

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